#37 – Friday , 28th April 2017




    password = hold your horses!


    Ne monte pas sur tes grands chevaux.




    Descriptions of the stained glasses:


    1 =


    We can see a very calm, dreamy and fairy landscape. It is a


    beautiful and colourful forest in which there is a waterfall and


    a river. A deer is drinking water. There is a zoom in a huge and


    rich castle.




    Dreamy= qui n'existe que dans les rêves: onirique


    Fairy = féérique landscape= paysage


    colourful = coloré waterfall= une cascade


    huge /hjuːdʒ/ = big


    we CAN + Verbe perception (see/smell/taste/hear/touch)












    The stained glasses tell the story of a young king/prince. He looks powerful and wealthy.


    He has a crown and is surrounded by many servants.


    An old and tired lady enters the gates of the castle to find a shelter because outside the


    weather is stormy and dark. She needs to rest.




    Stained glasses= vitraux powerful= puissant wealthy= rich


    crown= couronne surrounded= entourré servants= serviteurs


    tired = fatigué gates [geits] = big doors a shelter= un abri


    stormy = orageux rest = se reposer.




    He refuses to shelter her in exchange of a rose because he is a selfish man.


    So the lady turns into a beautiful fairy and casts a spell on him to punish him!


    He becomes a beast. He only has a mirror to watch reality and a rose which loses


    petals until he is 21. he must find true love to break the charm.




    Selfish = égoiste fairy = une fée to cast a spell on = jeter un sort sur.




    • Today you then had to create a mind map about Fairy Tales.




    Finir le mindmap du FAIRY TALES (un par élève + un sur SEESAW)



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