#38 – Tuesday , 2nd May 2017




    password= What's the catch?


    = où est le piège? Où est l'arnaque?


    C'est trop beau pour être vrai!






    A snow shoveler consists in putting the snow away/removing

    the snow from the streets. You need to be strong and have warm

    clothes to do this job.

    A supermarket employee consists in putting goods on shelves and

    helping customers. You need to be tidy.

    A waiter/waitress consists in serving food and drinks. You need to be

    patient and smiley.

    A paperboy consists in distributing newspaper in the morning. You need

    to be precise and to have a bike!

    A dog walker/sitter consists in taking care of dogs and feed them.

    You need to love dogs.


    A shovel = une pelle to remove= enlever/ôter

    1 shelf/2 shelves = un rayon/étagère customer= client

    tidy= organized waiter= serveur to feed= nourrir


    • We did the correction of the jobs

    • we worked on the job adverts.


    We first completed the following document about need and objectives.


    Afin de devenir un bon pirate, il vous faut une belle barbe.

    Pour devenir une hôtesse de l'air, il faut savoir parler anglais.

    Afin d'être un bon professeur, il faut être très patient.

    Pour manger proprement (properly) il faut ouvrir la bouche.

    Afin de détruire Zorg, il faut appeler Buzz L'éclair et Star Command.


    Homework :

    traduire les phrases.


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