#38 – Tuesday , 2nd May 2017




    password= What's the catch?


    = Il est où le piège? Elle est où l'arnaque?


    = c'est trop beau pour être vrai!






    The first picture depicts/shows a wonderful and colourful


    forest composed of big trees. On the left there is a waterfall.


    In the bottom right hand corner, a deer is drinking water from


    the river. In the background, we can see a beautiful and huge


    castle. The atmosphere is calm, fairy and fantastic.




    Depict = décrire, montrer colourful= coloré


    waterfall= une cascade a deer= un cerf


    huge /hjuːdʒ/ = énorme a castle  /ˈkɑːsəl/ 


    fairy (adj) = féérique a fairy = une fée




    the second picture shows a stained glass. In the middle there is a prince.


    He is wearing a crown and holding a sword. He looks wealthy/rich and


    proud (maybe selfish). On the right there is a knight. At the bottom we


    can see his symbol.


    The third picture represents an old lady who is trying to find shelter in the


    castle because the weather is stormy and threatening.




    A crown = une couronne a sword= /sɔːd/ une épée.


    Wealthy = riche/fortuné proud= fier knight /naɪt/ = chevalier


    shelter : un abri stormy= orageux threatening= menaçant.




    • You had to create the mindmap of a fairy tale.








    apprendre la leçon par coeur. Finir et poster votre mindmap.






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