#40 – Tuesday , 2nd May 2017




    password= What's the catch?


    = elle est où l'arnaque? C'est trop beau pour être vrai!






    • We did the correction of the sentences




    Je pense fortement qu'il mange (eat ) du chocolat


    I think he must eat chocolate.


    I really assume he is eating chocolate.


    Je suis certain qu'elle aime le football


    I'm sure she loves football


    She must love football


    Je suppose que vous regardez (watch) SW


    I suppose you are watching star wars.


    I guess you watch Star wars


    You might watch star wars.


    Je pense qu'il joue à Clash Royale


    I think that he is playing CR


    I think he may play CR




    • we worked on the video and did the correction






    Problem at school/ video




    Alex , lauren and jessica = best friends


    2 girls and 1boy + french teacher




    Scene takes place in English School: thomas school




    Thursday in the morning.


    What about?


    French notebook / Jessica forgets her notebook. Corridor.


    Alex finds an apple, a pair of shoes,


    teacher: French day. (french food, games...)


    Jessica finds a volcano, socks in the locker. Key ring.


    Alex helps Jessica to find notebook.






    groupe 3 et 4 doivent présenter


    savoir parler de la vidéo.


    1= 8


    2= 8






    5= 7


    6= 7








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