#41 – Thursday , 4th May 2017




    password= Excuse my French! = pardonne moi pour mon langage!




    Today is May the 4th! (= May the Force)






    Problem at school/ video




    Alex , lauren and jessica = best friends


    2 girls and 1boy + french teacher






    Scene takes place in English School: thomas Thallis school


    School corridor


    College VS school




    Thursday in the morning.


    What about?


    French notebook / Jessica forgets her notebook. Corridor.


    Alex finds an apple, a pair of shoes,


    teacher: French day. (french food, games...)


    Jessica finds a volcano, socks in the locker. Key ring.


    Alex helps Jessica to find notebook.


    Speaking with the French Teacher.


    No class because it's French Day.


    Planning: P.E. , lunch, French, science and plastic arts.







    The nature of the document is a video. In the introduction there are 3 characters:


    Alex, Jessica and Lauren. They are best friends! They are in London in front of Big Ben.


    In the second video there are 3 characters: Jessica, Alex and the French Teacher, Mrs Wilkins.


    They are in Thomas Tallis school in the corridors. The problem is that Jessica forgot her French


    copybook: she is absent minded! Alex helps her to find it in the locker. They find a key ring, a volcano, dirty socks but no book. It's not a problem because today is French day.


    She hasn't got her French book but she has got her Maths book.




    Corridors: couloirs forget/forgot/forgotten = oublier


    to find = trouver absent minded = tête en l'air


    a locker= un casier key ring= porte clés dirty socks= chaussettes sales.






    Le verbe Have Got


    Les mots en rouge renseignent sur ce qu'elles possèdent, ce qu'elles ont.


    A la 3ème personne du singulier, HAVE devient HAS (she/he/it HAS)


    have got se contracte en 've got


    has got se contracte en 's got


    Pour mettre have got ou has got à la forme négative, on ajoute N'T à have ou has.






    apprendre la leçon et faire les exercices de la feuille.


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