#42 – Tuesday , 9th May 2017




    password= I'm chilling out! = I'm relaxing


    = je me détends.




    Pour poser une question on inverse le Sujet et Has ou HAVE


    He has got a new teacher = Has he got a new teacher?




    Shauna has got/ 's got a history textbook


    Lucy and Tom haven't got a history textbook


    Lucy and Tom've got a key ring and an English book.


    Paul's got a tie.




    Has Paul got a tie?


    Yes, he has.


    Have Lucy and Tom got a key ring and an English book?


    Yes, they have.


    Has Shauna got a history textbook?


    Yes, she has.


    Has Paul got a key ring?


    No, he hasn't.




    I have got jeans but I haven't got a tailcoat.


    Have you got orange trainers? Yes , I have.


    My big brother has got a white bow tie.


    Has your cousin got a waistcoat? No, he hasn't.


    J'ai mon livre d'anglais mais je n'ai pas mes baskets.


    I have got my English book but I haven't got my trainers.


    Avez vous La Légende de Zelda? Non, nous ne l'avons pas.


    Have you got The Legend of Zelda? No, we haven't.


    Ont-elles une cravate? Oui.


    Have they got a tie? Yes, they have.


    Il n'a pas anglais aujourd'hui.


    He hasn't got English class today.




    You had to work on the contractions of have got:






    Apprendre la leçon.


    Test sur have got




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