#44 – Thursday , 11th May 2017




    password= running out of time


    = je manque de temps!






    • Test vocab indiv

    • distribuer documents tablettes

    • diaporama






    MUST/have to (has to à la 3PS) = L'obligation


    In order to / to / so as to + BV = L'objectif/ le but.




    Problem = Rapunzel is a prisonner in a tower.


    Solution = to escape the tower.


    Objective = to be free and to meet her real parents.




    Rapunzel is a prisonner in a tower. She must/has to escape the


    tower in order to/ so as to / to be free and meet her real








    Determine the problems, the solution and the objective of the


    following characters:


    - the little mermaid


    - the sleeping beauty


    - the beauty


    - the beast


    - snow white


    - Elsa, the snow queen.


    • the little red riding hood.




    Homework: finir toutes les phrases et être prêt à les poster sur seesaw.


    (avant lundi – un par personne) (pictures + colours = bonus)


    Carla = write Stitch's weekend on seesaw


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