#35 – friday , 12th May 2017




    password= my bad = I'm sorry it's my mistake!


    = pardon je suis désolé c'est ma faute!








    Snow White ate a poisoned apple and then she


    died. Prince Charming must / has to kiss her


    in order to/ so as to / to wake her up.






    Must / have to/ has to = obligation


    in order to / so as to / to + BV = objectif.






    Exercice: determine the problem, solution and


    objective of the following fairy tales.


    Use obligation and objective structures.


    Post it on SEESAW with colours and illustrations.




    One for each.


    - Rapunzel


    - The little mermaid


    - Sleeping Beauty


    - The Beauty


    - The Beast


    - Pocahontas


    - Cinderella


    - Snow White


    - Mr Brot






    Finir le travail et l'avoir posté sur seesaw avant lundi






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