#41 – Monday , 15th May 2017




    password= you twist my arm


    = Tu me forces la main






    • What will she do?

    • She will be a dog walker/sitter

    • When will she start?

    • When will she be needed?

    • She will be needed one afternoon after school

    • and every saturday for 1 hour (45 mn)

    • How often will she work?

    • She will work twice a week/ two times.

    • She will have to walk the dog and feed it.

    • How long will she work?

    • How much will she earn? She will earn 5 pounds an hour.

    • The name of the dog is Custer.

    • Passage au tableau d'une personne au hasard








    finir le polycop sur le FUTUR


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