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    password= cheesy love song

    = une chanson d'amour ringarde




    Title + picture:


    the document is an E-mail from Thomas to Jacob and Mary.

    Thomas is a pupil in a new school. The pictures show us that

    he wears a uniform composed of a black tailcoat and a white

    collar. It's a boy school.


    To show = montrer to wear a uniform= porter un uniforme.



    • Then you had to higlight in the text the following elements:

    - transparent words

    - Names

    - Places

    - Dates and numbers.



    Thomas writes an email to his grandparents.

    He talks about his new school called Eton and located in England.

    He talks about the very strict rules:

    He must wear a uniform. He mustn't use his mobile.

    Obligation Interdiction


    To talk about = parler de

    to be called = être appelé

    to be located = être situé

    to use = utiliser


    must permet d'exprimer une obligation

    Mustn't (must not) exprime une interdiction.



    Homework: apprendre la leçon.

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