#49 – Tuesday , 30th May 2017




    password= pain in the neck


    someone or something that is very annoying.


    To annoy = énerver








    • correction video




    The document is a video about school rules.


    Who are the characters?


    There are two characters: Kitty and her grandmother.


    There is also a teacher and a pet (guinea pig/hamster)


    When does the scene take place?


    During the day and night.


    Where does the scene take place?


    At school and at the house.


    What is the story about?


    There is a matter/problem/trouble: she took her hamster at school(Kerry)


    it is forbidden!!! you mustn't do it!


    She tells what she must or mustn't do at school


    - she must wear a uniform


    - she mustn't take her pet at school


    it is forbidden = c'est interdit


    it is allowed /əˈlaʊd/ = c'est autorisé






    • sound must/mustn't

    • preparation final test.






    Conditions of the preparation:


    1 hour to prepare your ideal school + school day


    bring a poster.


    Porter tout le matériel pour faire le poster.




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