#50 – Tuesday , 30th May 2017




    password= Pain in the neck


    = someone or something that is annoying


    to annoy = énerver, embêter.






    • correction worksheet exercices 1, 2 and 3






    The document is a comic strip.


    Who are the characters:


    There are six main/principal characters:


    Zoe the princess, the King, the 2 cousins, the godmother


    and the gardener (+the princes)


    Where does the scene take place?


    The scene takes place in a huge castle with an enormous


    swimming pool.


    When does the scene take place?


    Once upon a time.


    What is the story about?


    The king wants Zoe to marry a prince but she doesn't like any of them.


    She asks for help to her godmother. The godmother transforms the gardener


    into a prince because Zoe loves him.


    To ask for help to= demander de l'aide à




    Tous les adjectifs de nationalité prennent une majuscule.


    Ex: Spanish, French, British...


    • recap for the final test.

    • Preparation of the final test in pairwork.




    Réfléchir à des idées de fairy tales


    « Call of nature »

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