#52 – Tuesday , 6th June 2017




    password= on second thought.


    = après mûre réflexion




    • Last day for the job interviews videos.

    • Correction Qdrums

    • worksheet inventions.


















    The video is about the presentation of a useful invention.


    It is called the Q drum. It was invented by Piet and his


    brother. They invented it in order to help people living


    far from sources of water. Indeed, the problem is that they


    must carry the water on their heads causing neck and spine


    pains and diseases such as cholera and dysentry.


    The Q drum is a cylindrical container containing 50 liters of


    water that you can make roll like a wheel. It is then easier to


    carry water home. It is simple and durable.


    Useful VS useless = utile VS inutile. Neck= cou


    To carry = porter / transporter. Spine = colonne vertébrale.


    Pain = douleur disease = maladie container= contenant


    to contain = contenir to roll = rouler a wheel= une roue.






    - name = Q drum


    - Problem = carrying water + neck and spine pb + diseases


    - solution = simple and durable rolling container.


    - description / caracteristics: wheel container.


    - benefit: easier to carry + no more disease + pain




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