• #44Friday , 9th June 2017


    password= on thin ice

    = to be in a dangerous situation

    thin VS thick = mince VS épais


    The 1st gasoline powered automobile was

    invented [id] by K. Benz in 1885. Before, people used to


    The bicycle was invented by Baron K Van Drais in

    1818. Before, people used to ride a horse. 

    The lift was created by Otis in 1857. Before, people used to

    take the stairs.

    The pianoforte was designed by Cristofori in 1700

    Before, people used to play the harpsichord. 

    The light bulb was invented by Edison in 1879

    Before people used to use a torch.

    The fridge was invented by Mellows in 1915

    Before, people used to eat fast / preserve food with salt

    the microwave oven was designed by Le Baron Spencer

    in 1945. Before people used to use the traditional oven.

    The television was invented by Baird in 1926

    before people used to go to the cinema. 

    The vacuum cleaner was invented by Gaffey in 1869.

    before, people used clean up with a broom.



    Application sur les exemples du Name's the clue.



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