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    password= down the road.


    = in the future.





    • Correction exercice




    The saxophone was invented by A.J. Sax in 1846


    The revolver was invented by S. Coldt in 1848


    The telephone was created by Bell in 1877


    The sewing machine was designed by Singer in 1857


    The dynamite was discovered by Nobel in 1866


    The fountain pen was invented by Waterman in 1884


    The tyre was invented by Dunlop in 1888


    the razor blade was created by Gillette in 1901




    • passive form worksheet + exercices.




    The problem we all live with was painted by Norman Rockwell.


    Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo da Vinci.


    Guernica was painted by Pablo Picasso (cubism)


    Marylin was painted by Andy Warhol. (Pop Art)




    Frankenstein was written by Mary Shelley.


    Hamlet was written by Shakespeare.


    Hercule Poirot's Christmas was written by Agatha Christie


    A cry in the night was written by Mary Higgins Clark


    Harry Potter was written J.K. Rowling




    America was discovered by Christopher Columbus.


    Law of Gravity was discovered by Isaac Newton


    The Rabies Vaccine was discovered by Louis Pasteur.




    Pulp Fiction was directed by Quentin Tarantino


    The Lord of the Rings was directed by Peter Jackon


    Supersize me was directed by Morgan Spurlock.








    Before, people used to pay with cash, while today they use a credit card.






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