#45 – Monday , 12 th June 2017




    password= down the road.


    = in the future (à l'avenir)




    • Correction video + WS like/dislike

    • Son does et doesn't




    The scene takes place in Alex's bedroom.


    Alex loves Star Wars but Jessica hates [heit] science fiction




    She loves Andrew Garfield. She loves him because


    he's cute! Alex prefers Princess Leia because she is


    gorgeous/pretty and brave. [breiv]


    He likes Darth Vador because he is scary and smart.




    Pretty VS ugly = joli VS laid






    S+ LIKE(s) / LOVE(s) / HATE (s)








    DO(es) + S + LIKE/LOVE/HATE ?
























    Je n'aime pas les Mr Freeze.


    I don't like Mr Freezes


    Est-ce que tu aimes le chocolat?


    Do you like chocolate?


    Elle adore Mon Petit Poney


    She loves My Little Poney


    Il déteste l'école


    he hates school


    Aiment-elles Clash Royale?


    Do they like Clash Royal?






    Apprendre la leçon sur les verbes de goût


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