password= shake a leg = chop chop = grouille toi!


    VS Break a leg = good luck.




    The saxophone was invented by Sax in 1846


    The revolver was created by Colt in 1848


    The telephone was invented by Bell in 1877


    The dynamite was invented by Nobel in 1866


    the tyre was invented by Dunlop in 1888


    the fountain pen was designed by Watterman in




    The sewing machine was made by Singer in 1857


    the razor blade was designed by Gillette.




    The problem we all live with was painted by N. Rockwell


    Frankenstein was written by Mary Shelley


    Hamlet was written by Shakespeare.


    Hercule Poirot's Christmas was written by A. Christie




    America was discovered by Christopher Columbus.






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