#46Tuesday , 13th June 2017




    password = shake a leg = chop chop


    = grouille toi!


    To shake = remuer, secouer




    Video Tillman:




    It's a Youtube video dealing with Tillman which is an extraordinary / incredible


    impressive / awesome dog because it can surf the waves and do skateboard.


    The scene takes place in California on the beach and the ocean.




    Impressive = impressionant


    incredible = incroyable


    awesome = génial


    talented = skilled!






    The water bear is a tiny [ai]/very small animal with four pairs of legs.


    It looks very horrible/ ugly /gross and it doesn't look like a bear [e]


    The video compares the humans to the water bear:


    It is uglier than the man


    It is more resistant / tougher than the human because it can resist high


    temperatures, it can live in space without oxygen and can stand/bear very low






    Tough = robuste/dur


    it can stand/bear = il peut supporter.


    Look + Adj = avoir l'air


    Look like + Nom= ressembler à








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