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    Présentation clues in groups


    Group 1 :

    Probable there are 4 charactèrs :

    The scène may take place in corridor in school Friern Barrett


    Group 2

    Probably the woman staff is angry because they are late

    Amy may be late because she searched her uniform

    The director may be strict

    Perhaps the woman is a teacher.


    Group 3

    Maybe there are 1 boy, 1 girl and 1 woman.

    Probably Amy is ….


    Group 4

    The woman is maybe from the staff

    They are late because they have problem

    She is late because she arrived on a bike

    Hé didn’t find his bag

    They are 4 characters. Maybe one man.


    Group 5

    Probably there are 4 characters

    The woman must be a teacher

    The headteacher may be angry too and strict

    It may take place in front of lockers in the school

    Adam must be tiréd and

    I think she lost her bike.



    Group 6

    There must be 4 characters.

    The scène may take place at school in morning

    May be late because hé Forgot his schoolbag.

    Hé must apologize for being late.

    The man must be the director.


    Homework :

    Regarder la video et repérer les mots clés.

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