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    password= I'm steaming

    je suis furax / vénère!



    correction pictures

    be -ing

    built up your vocabulary

    story board + trailer kingsman


    je suis entrain de manger

    I'm eating

    nous sommes entrain de rêver en classe

    We are dreaming in class

    êtes vous entrain de manger?

    Are you eating?

    Nous ne rêvons pas maintenant.

    We are not dreaming now



    1. Mets les verbes entre parenthèses à la forme correcte pour compléter cette description de la scène : Audrey Tautou and Tom Hanks ARE RUNNING away from somebody – or something ! Both characters ARE WEARING a dark jacket, but Audrey IS WEARING a light shirt. Tom IS HOLDING Audrey's hand. He IS LOOKING very serious. She IS TRYING to run as fast as him. Her hair IS FLOWING in the wind. The people around them ARE WALKING in the opposite direction.

    2. Choisis entre le présent simple et le présent en BE + V-ing : - Robert Langdon workS at an American university but he IS VISITING Europe for his job. - Sophie Neveu usually LIVES in Paris, but she IS HELPING Robert Langdon here in London. - In this scene, Sophie and Robert ARE RUNNING to Westminster Abbey to find a clue. - In their normal lives, Sophie RUNS every weekend but Robert never RUNS !




    monday: faire la fiche storyboard.

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