# 31 – Thursday , December 14th 2017


    No pain, No gain = On n'a rien sans rien


    The document is a picture of the movie The desolation of Smaug. In the foreground, in the bottom right hand corner, there is a hobbit. At the bottom on the floor there is a treasure ( composed of golden coins). In the middle there is a dragon : it has got scary orange eyes, it is brown with many scales. He can breathe fire and can fly. Behind him, in the background, there is a cave under the mountains. The light illuminates the coins. I suppose that the dragon wants to eat the hobbit. Maybe the dragon wants to protect his treasure because the hobbit wants to steal the coins.


    Localiser des éléments sur une image:

    in the foreground = au premier plan in the middle= au milieu at the top= en haut

    in the background = en arrière plan at the bottom= en bas.

    In the bottom right hand corner = en bas à droite


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