• # 33 – Thursday, December 14th 2017


    password= No pain no gain

    u had to do the description of the following document. You must make a description of it and make assumptions.


    # 29 – Thursday , December 14th 2017


    password= No pain, no gain

    = on n'a rien sans rien


    There are two characters: a boy and a girl. Maybe the scene takes place in NY.

    The teenagers are lying on the grass top to tails. They must be in love.

    The girl seems to be sick: she may have a very severe disease because she

    needs a breathing apparatus.

    The title is The Fault in our Stars. It suggests that destiny of the girl is different

    from the boy's. Her fate is cursed/doomed because she is going to die. She may refuse to

    be in love. However, the poster shows that she accepts to love someone and

    hope is now possible. She may survive.


    To lie on = s'allonger top to tails = tête bêche.


    Breathing appartus= appareil respiratoire fate = destiny


    You can use the following activity to help you.


    • According to you: what is going to happen?

    You can train expressing sentences with BE GOING TO. Click here:



    • Then you watched the following trailer. You had to comment it.

    You can use the following activity to help you.




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