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    password= No pain, no gain


    = on n'a rien sans rien


    On the poster there are two characters: two teenagers, a boy and a girl.

    The title is The Fault in our Stars. It may be a romantic/love story.

    They are lying on the grass top to tails.

    I suppose the two characters are in love. The girl has got a breathing apparatus so

    she must be very sick. She may have a serious disease. They may be thinking of their future together. The title suggests that their love is impossible because their

    fate/destiny is cursed/doomed. They were not born under good stars. However, Love is hope in this movie.


    Fault = mistake = une faute to lie on = s'allonger

    breathing apparatus= appareil respiratoire. Sick = malade

    serious disease = maladie grave fate = destin cursed/doomed= maudit

    hope = espoir / espérer.




    S + BE GOING TO + BV = permet d'exprimer le futur proche

    " ça va se passer"


    • maybe they are going to marry

    • probably they are going to have kids

    • perhaps she's going to die.



    Apprendre la leçon et savoir exprimer le futur proche.


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