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    = Bam! Prends ça!

    Bam ! Dans ta face!




    Hazel and Gus = There are two characters: Hazel and Gus. They are teenagers.

    They met by chance and it was love at first sight. It was a love struck.

    Hazel has a serious disease. Gus is in remission, he is healing/recovering.

    keep distance from him = grenade = explode any time = hurt you

    surrender = she wants to keep her distance from him because she's a grenade and she can explode anytime. So she doesn't want to hurt him.

    My bad / fault = when they meet by chance he says it is his bad (fault) like in the title.

    So, maybe, their fate was written and she will become very sad because of this meeting, because of him, because she has surrendered to this love instead of resisting.

    fears = oblivion = death = void= Gus fears oblivion which is when you forget people.

    oblivion = inevitable = for him, oblivion is inevitable but he doesn't care because he loves her.

    dream = not the truth = lie, false, fake, not real = Hazel is pessimistic first because she

    thinks Love is a lie, it is fake while her reality is sickness.






    apprendre la leçon par coeur.


    ils vont s'aimer et garder espoir.

    Gus va mourir mais Hazel va le garder dans son coeur pour toujours.

    Il va la rendre heureuse.

    Elle va exploser comme une grenade




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