• # 33 – Tuesday , December 19th 2017


    password: pitch in

    = to give a hand = mettre la main à la pâte.



    choice – world

    sad stories

    lying in the grass = stars = dreams

    her + boy = love story/couple. Close eyes = black screen.

    Sleep = dream or death?


    The girl is lying on the grass looking up at the stars.

    The grass may represent/symbolize Nature or the world

    of dreams. She dreams of a passionate love story.

    Her eyes are open. There's is an opposition with the

    world of reality. She closes her eyes and goes back to the

    concrete world which is a dead world.





    Not the truth = lie, dream, not reality

    truth = parking lot, rain, no friends, sick, concrete (=béton)

    background = nature, far behind = past. refusal


    On the one hand, there is the Dream world embodied by Nature (grass, sky, stars)

    On the other hand, there is the Real world symbolized by concrete, parking lots, etc.


    Gus is bumping into her life. They meet by chance. He says "my bad" and it refers to the

    title of the movie. In other words, he's the cause of her hope but also her doomed fate.

    Gus is in remission, he's getting better, recovers, heals.


    Represent = symbolize = embody

    passionate (adj) / passion (N)

    on the one hand ... on the other hand = d'un côté.... de l'autre côté

    to bump into = rentrer dans by chance = par hasard

    hazard = danger to recover= to heal = guérir

    health = la santé





    watch Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind 


    Link to the padlet: https://padlet.com/brot2you/ezy0d7s4xug3



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