# 35 – Wednesday , January 10th 2018




    password= it rings a bell


    ça me dit quelque chose







    It is a music video performed by Ed Sheeran.


    The title of the song is I see fire.


    The song is about Smaug the dragon who is going to


    attack the kingdom of dwarves. (1 dwarf / 2 dwarves)


    The misty eye of the moutain refers to the cave under


    the moutain.


    The words "fire", "sky" and "smoke" suggest that Smaug


    is going to breathe fire in the sky to exterminate, burn,


    kill the dwarves.


    The dwarves celebrate their future death with a glass of




    This song is very sad, full of despair and melancholy.




    Perform = interpréter kingdom = royaume dwarf = nain


    misty = brumeux refer to = faire référence à suggest = suggérer


    kill = tuer death = la mort dead (adj)= mort die [dai]= mourir


    wine = vin despair = désespoir desperate (adj) = désespéré




    BE GOING TO + BV = exprime un futur plannifié




    homework: apprendre la leçon et les mots nouveaux.




    je vais manger une pizza Ed Sheeran va interpréter I see fire


    les nains vont mourir Les nains vont défendre le royaume.


    le nain va boire un verre de vin




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