# 35 – Friday , January 12th 2018




    password= showing off = frimer




    The story of the musical film takes place in the West side


    of NY during the 50's or the 60's.


    It is about an impossible love story between two young


    people belonging to two different gangs.


    The gangs are composed of immigrants who are fighting/


    struggling for power and territory.


    It is paradoxical because the gangs share common points:


    they are immigrants, gangsters, they live in the same place


    and they are Americans. The lovers symbolize the link or the solution


    to a better integration because violence here is caused by a lack of 


    integration, inclusion and love.


    Belong to = appartenir à composed of = composé de


    to struggle = combattre paradox (N) / paradoxical (adj)=paradoxal


    share = partager a link= un lien a lack of= un manque de






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