# 35 – Friday , January 12th 2018




    password= showing off




    he's showing off = il frime






    This is a musical about an impossible love story between two


    persons belonging to two different gangs in the west side of


    NY. their love is impossible because their gangs are fighting/


    struggling each other which is paradoxical as they both have


    many common points: they are immigrants, poor, gangsters, excluded


    and most of all Americans. The problem is that their origins/cultures


    are different. The lovers represent a link that could lead to peace.


    Maybe the message is that love is a powerful tool for reconciliation


    and acceptation or cultural acknowledgment. The film echoes Romeo


    and Juliet.




    Belong to = appartenir à fight/ struggle = combattre


    paradox (n) / paradoxical (adj)= paradoxal excluded= exclus


    a link = un lien powerful / powerless acknowledgment= reconnaissance.


    To echo = faire écho à



    Link to the padlet: HERE





    finir le travail sur le document choisi


    apprendre la leçon par coeur + vocab.


    Amener ses earphones


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