# 36 – Monday , January 15th 2018




    password= start from scratch.


    Partir de rien/zéro


    Mc Gyver can build a plane from scratch.




    Group work on the different documents.






    The movie is probably about / probably deals with an impossible


    love story between two youngsters belonging to two different gangs


    the scene may take place in New York subburbs during the 50's or the




    The message of the film may be that love is a way to reconciliate/


    integrate misfits/strangers/enemies.


    The paradox of this film must be that the gangs are the same:


    they are immigrants, Americans, they are excluded or rejected, but


    instead of helping each others they fight. The film may denounce or


    criticize the fact that America is supposed to represent freedom and


    welcome the immigrants, which is not the case.


    Be about / deal with = parler de/traiter de


    belong to = appartenir à subburbs = banlieue


    misfits = désaxé, ne trouve pas sa place instead of = au lieu de


    denounce = dénoncer criticize = critiquer freedom = liberty






    thursday / jeudi = vocab test


    amener la tablette et earphones


    telecharger les aides si besoin.


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