# 37 – Thursday , January 18th 2018




    password= the pen is mightier than the sword.


    = the words are stronger than violence


    = la plume est plus puissante que l'épée.


    • Test vocab.


    • Correction of the documents.



    In the middle of the map, there is Manhattan.


    In the center of Manhattan there is Central Park and under


    this park there is Chrystler Building.


    In the south there is the Statue of Liberty. On the river there is Brooklyn






    In the video we can see two opposite gangs who are fighting for territory.


    The gangs bother / provoke innocent people just to dominate and show who


    is superior. They want the other gang to get out of their place.


    They threaten people with their serious and violent attitude.


    Bother = embêter dominate= dominer


    provoke = provoquer get out = dégager/ partir


    threaten = menacer






    apprendre la leçon et le vocabulaire.


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