# 38 – Friday , January 19th 2018




    password= go straight to the point


    = aller droit au but.




    On the picture there are 5 characters: 1 hobbit and 4 dwarves.


    They form a group/team/community. They are adventurers and they


    are in a quest.


    Dwarlin is the largest, the tallest and the most gigantic dwarf.


    Bilbo has got the biggest feet. Balin is the oldest, the wisest,


    and the most intelligent. He has got the longest beard /bi:d/.


    Bilbo is the youngest of the team. Thorin has got a sword. He's the


    most courageous and the bravest.




    A team= une équipe a quest= une quête wise= sage


    beard= une barbe young/old= jeune / vieux


    sword= épée courageous/brave /breiv/






    quiz: create your hero






    finir la création de son héro


    Etre prêt à l'enregister sur seesaw


    amener sa tablette.





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