# 38 – Friday , January 19th 2018




    password= straight to the point.


    Go straight to the point = aller droit au but.




    The video explains how to do the different accents of the 5 borroughs.


    The Bronx accent is very punchy/tough /tʌf/ . You drop your final "r" and you


    have a heavy initial emphasis on the consonants: you punch them.


    In Brooklyn they masticate/chew the vowels. It's an up and down accent.


    It's very lively because it's a nice place to live and a friendly community.


    In Queens it's very nasal because it's a pain to live there. It's very boring.


    In Staten Island the accent is obnoxious.


    Eventually/finally, in Manhattan it's very rushy, fast, they speak quickly


    because they are stressed out and busy.


    It's a very subjective video! The author aims at joking. It's a caricature.


    The woman may live in Brooklyn.




    Tough = dur emphasis= accent/emphase emphasize=appuyer/accentuer.


    To punch = donner un coup de poing chew/masticate= mâcher


    lively= vivant boring= ennuyeux bored= ennuyé boredom= l'ennui


    obnoxious= odieux rushy= pressé stressed out= stressé


    busy /bizi/= occupé to aim at + V-ing = avoir pour but de aim (v)= viser


    an aim = an objective.






    Your challenge :


    Appropriation des éléments abordés dans les deux documents précédents et anticipation de la tâche finale.




    In pairs, get ready to tell the class about a tragic love story you know.




    Characters? Location? Story / Plot? : beginning – love – obstacle (impediment) – plan – end Get ready to take the stage and talk about a love story you know






    It is the story of ………….and ………


    The story takes place in………….


    The characters meet and fall in love but it is impossible because………….


    So, they decide to ……………….. and their plan is to …………..


    But in the end ………………….








    finir son histoire et être prêt à l'enregister/présenter.


    Test vocab vendredi


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