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    password= ASAP

    = as soon as possible

    = aussi vite que possible.


    Fin correction documents


    5 different accents in NYC:

    In the Bronx, you punch your initial consonnant. You emphasize/stress them

    because it's a very tough borrough.

    In Queens, it's very nasal because it's a pain to live there. It's boring. Not fun.

    In Brooklyn, you masticate/chew the vowels. It's very lively. It's a nice place

    to live.

    In Staten Island it's very obnoxious. Finally/eventually, in Manhattan,

    they speak very rapidly, quickly because they are nervous, in a rush and busy.

    She makes a caricature. She wants to joke.


    Punch =donner un coup de poing emphasize= mettre en évidence

    emphasis= une emphase. Tough= dur, rude

    chew= mâcher lively= vivant obnoxious= odieux

    quickly= rapidement rush hour= heure de pointe

    busy= occupé in a rush=pressé




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