# 45 – Wednesday , January 31st 2018


    password= Pain in the neck

    = pénible



    What is the nature of the document?


    It is the trailer for the film How to train your dragon.


    Who are the characters?


    There are 3 characters:


    - the trainer


    - the girl: her name is Astrid.


    - The dragon: it is Stormfly. It is a Deadly Nadder.


    When does the scene take place? It takes place during the day.


    Where does the scene take place? It takes place in the mountains in


    an arena.


    Can you describe the dragon? = it is blue, it has got wings, horns, sharp teeth


    scary eyes and a spiky tail.


    What can the dragon do? It can breathe fire and fly but it can't see in front of it


    because he has got a blind spot [blaind]. It is deadly and ferocious.



    Deadly = mortel

    spiky= qui pique

    in front of= en face de

    blind spot= angle mort



    apprendre la leçon et le vocabulaire.


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