# 42 – Thursday , February 1st 2018




    password= busted!


    = pris la main dans le sac / en flagrant délit




    The first video is about a man who declares his love to a girl who is already


    in couple. He does his declaration with signs/posters. In the end, she runs


    after him to kiss him.


    The second video show a man who wants to marry a girl. The problem is


    that he doesn't speak Portuguese. He goes to the restaurant because his lover


    is a waitress. He proposes her and she finally accepts.




    Group work:


    group 1 = prepare the presentation


    group 2 = ask the questions








    groupe 1: regarder les deux vidéos


    Apprendre le vocabulaire par coeur (voir prep TEST)


    --> love actually


    groupe 1 et 2: apprendre le vocabulaire par coeur. TEST




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