# 45 – Thursday , February 8th 2018


    password= It floors me!

    = ça me sidère!

    The document is a poster of the movie Wreck It Ralph

    there is a group of video games heroes in the foreground.

    There is a blue hall in the backgroundWe can see sign with names of different

    video games. The signs must indicate the doors/gates to the video game cities.

    The heroes are walking probably to go to fight in video games or to


    Ralph is the tallest and the strongest. He is the leader of the team.

    He looks happy and determinedHe looks like a hero and not a bad guy.

    Probably the subject of the lesson is video games.


    Wreck = break sign= panneau/pancarte

    démolir = casser gate= une porte (d'embarquement)/un portail

    construire = build determined = déterminé


    us = nous A bad guy = un mauvais garçon


    Pronoms personnels Sujets Pronoms personnels compléments
    I Me
    You You
    He / she / it Him/her/it
    We us
    You You
    they them


     S + LOOK + ADJ = avoir l'air + adj => My dragon looks fierce

    S + LOOK LIKE + N = ressembler à + N => My dragon looks like Smaug


    Vous nous ressemblez = You look like us

    Superman ressemble à Clark Kent = Superman looks like Clark Kent

    mon ami ressemble à une banane= My friend looks like a banana

    tu as l'air triste =You look sad

    vous avez l'air sérieux (serious)= You look serious



    Apprendre le texte + vocabulaire Wreck it Ralph (quizlet)

    apprendre look + adj /look like + N

    finir exercice vocabulaire sur costume héro + Quizlet (pas dans le test)



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