# 49 – Thursday , February 8th 2018




    password= It floors me!




    = ça me sidère!



    The document is the poster of the movie Wreck it Ralph!


    In the background there is a blue hall. Maybe the scene


    takes place in a video game station because we can see


    the names of games on the signs. The signs indicate the way


    to video game gates.


    In the foreground we can see a team of video game heroes.


    Perhaps they are walking to another universe to fight.


    Ralph is a bad guy and the enemy of Fix It Felix.


    Ralph wrecks/breaks things and Felix fixes them.


    The character on the right looks like a rhino. Sonic looks determined.




    Sign = panneau/pancarte gate = portail


    bad guy= un méchant wreck /break = démolir/casser


    fix = repair




    Look like + Nom = ressembler à + NOM 


    Look + adj = avoir l'air + adj




    mon dragon a l'air féroce= My dragon looks fierce


    mon dragon ressemble à Smaug= My dragon looks like Smaug


    Superman ressemble à Clark Kent = Superman looks like Clark Kent


    mon ami ressemble à une banane= My friend looks like a banana


    tu as l'air triste = You look sad


    vous avez l'air sérieux(serious)= You look serious




    • You learnt the vocabulary of the hero's outfit








    Test vocabulaire:


    wreck it ralph + heroes' outfit




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