# 46 – Friday , February 9th 2018




    password= spit it out


    allez! Dis le!




    Original text + video 1:


    respect the original text = same stage directions (=didascalie)


    -->faithful adaptation


    the film maker wants to bring the play on screen in a faithful way.


    Keywork: NAME (= family , sworn enemies, inmity)


    monologue -->surprise/Romeo enters -->dialogue


    Solution: change the NAME = to wed/marry in secret




    Romeo + Juliet video 3:


    who? 4 characters: R, J, grandmother? , bodyguard.


    Where? Swimming pool.


    Reinterpretation of the play.


    When? = modern time =swimming pool, house, garlands, surveillance camera


    clothes, gangs


    Intention of the film maker?


    AIM AT + V-ing = he aims at keeping the genuine text and modernize the




    Intend to + BV= he intends to make teenagers read Shakespeare






    extract from the manga: balcony scene.


    Garden, balcony.


    Not the original text


    same story – modernized.


    Atmosphere: lovely,




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