• # 43 – Friday , February 9th 2018


    password= spit it out

    Allez! Dis-le!

    The document is the poster of the film Wreck it Ralph!

    In the foreground there is a team/band/group of video games heroes

    they are walking to save the world.

    In the background there is a hall with signs indicating the gates to different

    video game worlds.

    Ralph looks happy. The man on the right looks like a rhino.

    Ralph is the tallest.

    I assume that the subject of the new lesson is video games.


    Wreck = démolir fix = repair sign= panneau

    break = casser gate= portail


    Look + adjectif = avoir l'air

    Look like + N = ressembler à



    apprendre la leçon et le vocabulaire par coeur!


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