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    S + Aim at + V-ing

    S + intend to + BV



    Romeo + Juliet (1996)


    modern times (surveillance camera, bodyguard, etc.)

    different: around a swimming pool and not a balcony

    same: original text

    result/consequence = strange atmosphere / artificial

    Baz Lurhmann intends to make teenagers want to read


    He aims at attracting young people and make them discover




    Manga / anime

    not really a faithful adapation

    exaggeration of romantic elements (light, action, speech)

    it aims at being romantic but in the end for European people

    it may be cheesy. It probably intends to make Japanese people

    discover Shakespeare.


    Faithful = fidèle cheesy: ringard.


    Final tasks :

    • create your own impossible love scene and act it out in front of your class (4 max)

    • Choose a famous love scene and adapt it into a modern story. (2 max)

    • Vous aurez une heure pour finir le travail en classe.

    • Intégrer tous les éléments vus en classe ( problem, solution, tragic ending, Future)



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