# 47 – Friday , March 9th 2018




    password: gold digger


    = un chercheur d'or


    = une croqueuse de diamant




    dig= creuser


    digger= creuseur


    shovel= une pelle






    Social MeowDia Explained - Internet Famous Cats explaining Social Media




    There is a pun/ a play on words/ a joke make with the word Media and MeowDia.


    The document may be a tutorial or a funny informative video about social media such as


    Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Youtube.


    Perhaps we will learn that cats have an important role in social media history.




    Tel que= such as




    video: watch it in groups and answer WH-?






    TEST impossible love


    compléter ses recherches sur la vidéo. Répondre à la question: intentions of the video?


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