• # 48 – Monday , March 12th 2018


    password: armed to the teeth

    = armé jusqu'aux dents



    This video is about social media and what they are for.

    The problem is people are lost with the number of social media and don't understand their use.

    This video suggest to use famous cats to understand better the different platforms.

    Thanks to spotify you can listen to music about cats.

    Twitter makes it possible to share what my cat is doing.

    Youtube enables you to show how your cat can play the piano on video.

    Instagram enables you to share elaborate pictures of your lovely cat.

    Exprimer la capacité:

    Thanks to ... you can + BV

    .... makes it possible to + BV

    ... enables/permits you to + BV



    Grâce à FB je peux rester en contact avec mes amis

    Thanks to FB I can keep in touch with my friends.

    Snapchat me permet d'envoyer des photos instantanées

    Snapchat enables me to send instant pictures.

    grâce à Instagram il m'est possible de faire de belle photos.

    Instagram makes it possible to do/make beautiful pictures.



    apprendre la leçon par coeur (interroger une personne)


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