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    = pars!


    This is the trailer of the movie Wreck it Ralph.

    The main character is Ralph, a bad guy who wrecks buildings and in the end he crushes on

    the floor. Everybody hates him because he's a bad guy.

    During an anonymous meeting he confesses that he wants to be a hero. He doesn't want to

    be a bad guy anymore.

    He disappears from his game and everybody is worried because he is very important.

    Felix needs Ralph!

    Ralph travels different worlds to find a little recognition. He meets a little girl who mocks him.

    She mimics/imitates him.


    A meeting = rencontre/réunion

    want to be = vouloir être

    to meet = rencontrer

    anymore= plus jamais

    disappear = disparaitre

    worried= inquiet need = avoir besoin

    travel = voyager

    recognition = reconnaissance

    mock= se moquer

    mimic / imitate = imiter.



    On the picture two boys are playing video games.

    The one on the right is wearing a cap.

    Both are holding controllers.

    They look very concentrated and they are having fun.

    Maëlys rarely plays video games.

    Nohlan never plays video games: he's very serious.


    Both = tous les deux

    have fun= s'amuser.


    Apprendre la leçon par coeur (j'interroge)

    TEST vocabulaire (voir quizlet)

    finir la WS








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