• # 55 – Thursday , March 15th 2018


    password: hit the road.

    = pars, prends la route



    Ralph goes to an anonymous convention/meeting between bad guys.

    His problem is that he doesn't want to be a bad guy anymore. He looks for 

    recognition/love. So he hits the road and tries to become a hero in other

    worlds. Hero's Duty is a very violent world.

    He misses in his game because a hero can't exist without a bad guy.

    He meets a little girl who mimics/imitates him.


    A meeting= une rencontre

    to meet= rencontrer

    anymore = plus jamais

    to look for = chercher

    duty = le devoir

    to miss = manquer

    to mimic = to imitate.


    The two boys are playing video games.

    Both are holding controllers.

    The boy on the right is wearing a cap

    the one on the left is wearing a blue t-shirt

    they both look very concentrated

    Yoan never plays video games (liar!)

    Lya always plays video games.


    Both = les deux, tous les deux.

    Liar = menteur



    apprendre la leçon par coeur (interrogé)

    finir la fiche de vocabulaire (quizlet prep test)



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