# 50Thursday , March 15th 2018




    password: hit the road


    = partir





    This is a funny and informative video about social media made by Avalaunch media.


    The objective is to explain what are social media. They use cats to make it easier to understand.


    The scene takes place on the Net.


    Facebook enables/permits/allows you to talk about your cat's life.


    Thanks to Twitter you can share what you are doing with your cat.


    Foursquare makes it possible for you to buy clothes for your cat.




    Exprimer la capacité/possibilité:


    .... enable/permit/allow you to + BV = vous permettre de


    Thanks to .... you can + BV = Grâce à ... vous pouvez ...


    .... make it possible for you to + BV = Avec... il vous est possible de ...





    Apprendre la leçon par cœur.


    Savoir exprimer la capacité avec les structures apprises.




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