•  # 50 – Thursday , March 15th 2018


    password: hit the road.

    = pars! Prends la route



    Maybe the video aims at being funny. We can see the use of a pun/play on words with the word "meowdia"

    The video may want to show us the functions or what you can do with social media: for instance, chats, pictures, videos, sharing, story line, likes and dislikes ...


    a pun/ a play on words = un jeu de mot, un calembour

    for instance = for example


    The video is made by the marketing company Avalaunch

    it intends to explain the use of social media thanks to cats because it's hard to understand so many platforms.

    FB permits/enables/allows you to share your cat's life.

    Thanks to foursquare you can buy a hoodie to your cat.

    Instagram makes it possible for you to share beautiful pictures of your cat.




    Exprimer la possibilité/capacité

    ... permit/allow/enable you to + BV = ... vous permet de ...

    Thanks to .... you can + BV = grâce à ... vous pouvez ...

    .... makes it possible for you to + BV = Grâce à ... il est possible de ...




    apprendre la leçon et les structures par coeur. (interro début d'heure)

    Ecrire trois phrases pour expliquer ce qu'on peut farie avec les réseaux sociaux de son choix.


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