# 54 – Tuesday , April 3rd 2018




    password: don't lose your temper


    Ne perds pas tes moyens


    garde ton calme





    It is a comic/humorous/funny video taken from the series


    The I.T. Crowd.


    There are two characters: a woman and a man.


    The man looks like a geek or a nerd.


    The problem is that there is fire in the office and he can't handle the


    situation/cope with the situation.


    He tries to call the emergency or extinguish the fire. Eventually/finaly


    he writes an E-mail to have help.


    He doesn't have the appropriate/suitable reaction because geeks don't


    knowreal life.


    Humorous = humouristique to handle a situation= maîtriser une situation


    cope with a problem= faire face à un problem emergency=urgence


    extinguish= éteindre (feu) eventually= finalement


    suitable = qui convient


    unfashionable = démodé awkward/clumsy= maladroit




    a geek is someone who is addicted to technology, unfashionable and socially








    apprendre la leçon


    compléter la WS




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