# 54 – Tuesday , April 3rd 2018




    password: don't lose your temper


    Ne perds pas ton sang-froid



    This is the cover of the video game Minecraft Xbox edition.


     On the front cover we can see many characters: a man is


    walking with a pickaxe in his hand. Next to/besides him there is


    a wolf. Behind them there are sheeps, chickens and monsters.


    On the back cover there are illustrations, the summary and


    PEGI icons. You should play this game if you like online games.


    You shouldn't play this game if you are under 7 and hate scary


    and violent games.




    Front cover= le devant de la pochette


    pickaxe= pioche next to/besides= à côté de


    a wolf= un loup sheep= mouton summary= résumé


    online game= jeu en ligne








    Work in groups and make a poster.
    Promote safe gaming. Inform your classmates about the PEGI logos.






    apprendre la leçon par coeur


    continuer son poster (à finir en classe)



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