# 55Friday , April 6th 2018

    password: gross!

    = dégueu!



    This is an extract from the series the I.T. crowd


    the scene takes place in an IT emergency.


    Maurice Moss discovers there is a fire in his office.


    He decides to take the extinguisher to extinguish it but he is so clumsy/awkward that he sets fire to the extinguisher?. He finally writes an E-mail to inform there is a fire,which is totaly absurd.


    Maurice looks like a geek or a nerd, a person who is unfashionable, socially awkward and addicted to technology.



    Emergency= urgence


    clumsy/awkward= maladroit


    extinguisher = extincteur


    to set fire to = mettre le feu


    extinguish= éteindre (feu)


    unfashionable = démodé






    formules E-mail






    apprendre la leçon


    savoir écrire un E-mail (faire le prep test methodology)









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