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    password: gross!


    = dégueu!







    Informative video about the origins of the Internet.


    Street interview:


    conclusion = people don't know what exactly is the Internet.


    Man speaking:


    He explains that not knowing the creator is not important. It doesn't matter.


    What matters is that we use the invention everyday.


    The origins of the Internet:


    The Internet was the result of the Arpanet: it was a military defense project


    aiming at protecting information. It was created in the 1970's.


    The objective was to figure out how to make the network survive a nuclear


    attack. The best network is the distributed one (like a cobweb)



    it doesn't matter = ce n'est pas important


    it matters = it is important


    to use (v) = utiliser


    the use (n)= utilisation


    aim at + V-ing = avoir pour but de


    to figure out = résoudre (un problème)


    cobweb = spiderweb = toile d'araignée




    I.T. crowd




    sketch from a comedy series the I.T. crowd




    - extinguishes fire


    - calls on the phone


    - types on the keyboard


    - writes an E-mail




    physical / mental description:


    - glasses


    - unfashionable shirt


    - dark skin


    - afro haircut


    - socialy clumsy/ awkward


    - work with computer


    => geek / nerd






    Exprimer des phrases à partir des mots clés de la leçon


    apprendre la leçon sur internet




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